about us

Restore Communities was co-founded by Matthew Hansen and Brandon Hatmaker as a result of a common desire to see the church begin to live beyond its own walls for the individual, collective, and social renewal and restoration of Austin and beyond.

The mission of Restore Communities is to create partnerships locally and abroad for individual, collective, and social renewal and restoration.

We hope to see this accomplished by exposing individuals and faith communities to issues of poverty, injustice, and local humanitarian needs; create volunteer projects for individuals and faith communities to experience what it is like to serve these different issues and populations; and help facilitate relationships between faith communities and local non-profit partners that will allow deeper and continual engagement in these areas of need. We plan on doing this through five practical avenues:

  • Partnering faith communities and local non-profits together to serve our city.
  • Building awareness on the real social needs of our city and abroad.
  • Planting communities of faith who gather around a heart to simply ‘love their neighbor and serve their city‘ through the gospel context.
  • Creating monthly and quarterly service events to help expose people to a life outside of themselves.
  • Hosting regular trainings with and for local non-profits to better equip those who want to better serve their community.