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by Jason Kovacs on November 24th, 2010

This month’s guest post is from Jason Kovacs of the Abba Fund and Austin Stone, Jason is a great partner and friend with Restore Austin, and has helping use with many of our adoptions. Jason’s passion for adoption is amazing, and his leadership in assisting others with God’s heart in the area of adoption is unprecedented:

The Gospel Made Visible through God’s Provision

Many people are being moved today with God’s heart for the orphan and are thinking about adoption. It can be overwhelming and for the majority, the financial cost of adoption feels like the greatest obstacle.

It is important to remember that God does not ask us if we can afford to do it. He simply asks us if we are willing, and asks us to trust that He will provide. That may sound great to read, but when it becomes personal it is often much harder to believe and much scarier to do.

I liken this to one of those high diving stuntmen that perform at State Fairs. They usually have those funny striped bathing suits and wow the crowd by diving 100 feet into a tiny pool of water. For many, the call and cost of adoption feels like you are standing 100’ up on the platform and all you see below is a tiny pool of water. The resources don’t look like much and it feels like it is an impossible feat.

Through my work with ABBA Fund and Together for Adoption I have the joy of regularly hearing stories of how God makes seemingly impossible situations possible. That is what God is best at. He truly does provide – that includes funding what He favors. On my grandmothers fridge she has a magnet – “Where God guides, He provides.” That is our God. It is not often in our way or our timing but He does it. Not only that, but God delights to provide. And, because He is so passionate about the fatherless (Ps 68:5-6), I think He especially delights in providing for families adopting.

One of the primary means that God provides for adoption is through other people. This happens through church adoption funds (like the one started at Austin New Church), family, friends, and a lot of times through those you never would have expected!

Recently, a young pastor and his family decided to step out in faith to adopt. Their church has about 50 members and 100 folks attending. This past Sunday, the church called the pastor and his wife up to the front to give him a card and express their appreciation for pastor appreciation month. They went up, and one of the elders handed them a ard and told them to open it then. Inside was a little certificate that said:

“Just as your adoption into the family of Christ has been fully paid, so also has the adoption of your daughter been fully paid.”

And there was a big “$11,500.00″ written on it. The amount that covered the remaining costs of their adoption. After they read it, the whole church stood and started clapping!

Our adoption and His provision is one of the greatest opportunities to make the gospel visible to the world. God get’s very passionate about that, and so should we. If God is calling you to adopt, don’t worry about where you will get the money, God already has and He will provide in His timing and His way. Maybe the greatest encouragement is the fact that God knows the cost of adoption – it cost Him the death of His son to adopt you and I. Begin by praying and then talk to your church about an adoption fund, and talk to your friends and family. Invite them to join you in the story that God is writing for your family to make His gospel visible to a watching world!

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