Thank You from Blackland Community Development:

by Matthew Hansen on May 30th, 2011

Yesterday was another great Serve Austin Sunday and we want to thank Austin New Church, River Point, North Hills Community Church and Hope Mission Church for making this past Serve Austin Sunday happen. I feel like a lot was accomplished, but more importantly I know that deeper community was formed, eyes were opened to both social issues and the reality that remedies are possible, and the frame work for all of those solutions begins in the reality fo messy relationships. Every Serve Austin Sunday I am continually humbled at the amount of work that these different faith communities commit to in order to love our neighbors and serve this great city!

While all we did was absolutely great, one of my favorite things is to wake up to a thank you email, and rather than shooting it out to all of you, I thought I would simply post it below:
A huge thanx to you and your good folks of the Austin New Church who worked so industriously in Blackland today. You're a joy to work with; I greatly appreciate the curious and energetic kids -- and your insight to send your scout, Jeremiah, over to scope out the work and help channel the spirited energy your crews.

We put 101 hours into the work today; finished the exterior stairs on the 1904 B unit; stacking the bush for the city to pick up this week; most of the painting on the recycled sheet-iron for the raised-bed gardens, and almost finished the shading trash on the trellises on the raised-bed gardens.
May summer gracefully unfold and find us all with a fresh zest for what is best in our fragile world -- and that we who seek a sense of community continue to bond in labors of joy and meaning.

Anyway, I'm sure all our partners feel the same way, but it's always great to get an email like this. , so in the words of Bo, "may summer gracefully unfold and find us all with fresh zest" and we'll see you on July 31st for the next Serve Austin Sunday!


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