Restore Haiti, pt. 3

Posted on June 12th, 2011

So here we go again, in less than 12 hours we will be on our way back to Haiti with HELP End Local Poverty and a few different organizations. To name a few, we have: Music for the City, Austin New Church, HELP, The River Confrence, the Austin Stone, and a few others.

So, why Haiti, if you want to read a few more detailed versions of this, click on any of the three following links: Restore Haiti, pt.1; Restore Haiti, pt. 2; Development. Essentially here's the why: Back in March we made an exploratory trip looking into the human trafficking issue in Haiti.
We found out a few things: (1) While human trafficking/slavery is rampant in Haiti there is very little being done about it. (2) You can't engage the fight against human trafficking without also being committed to the orphan and those trapped in cycles of poverty (3) The win is in long term development, not quick American remedies (4)The Haitian church needs to lead this. At first this seemed like too large of a fight for a few small churches and a brand new non-profit, but then again, those are the types of fights, that no man, church, or organization can get credit, and all glory goes to God, which is what we want. So, all we needed was a starting point that can evolve into more.
We needed to start by simply removing one of the layers of vulnerability for the most vulnerable, so we are starting with what we are calling, "Preventive Safe Homes". Bottom line is, putting a roof over those who are most susceptible to human trafficking will NOT remedy the entire situation, but it will remove one of the layers of vulnerability from them. We are also working with and talking to other NGOs, Haitian leaders and churches about long term-sustainable solutions like job creation; environmental stewardship; restorative and preventative justice; family mentorship programs through the local church; pastor/leader training programs; etc. Again, this is a long term work, and we are starting with the building "Preventive Safe Homes", which, by the way, we will be building one while we are there, but we know it doesn't stop there, and we are pursuing other deeper initiatives for the Haitian people: If you would like to keep up with the trip, you can do it in one of the followings ways:
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  • Follow HELP on Twitter, by clicking HERE: or their blog by clicking HERE
  • Read Matthew's blog about this trip at, HERE

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