March Guest Post: The Care Communities

by Roger Themme on March 4th, 2012

Personally we are very excited about this blog. Care Communities was one of the first Restore Communities and Austin New Church partners. We absolutely love their work. We love their hearts. We love their commitment to those who are often time forgotten and marginalized, and we love that we get to partner with them in this great city! This month's blog is from their Outreach Director, Roger Temme. If you are a Restore Group leader and you haven't had a chance to take Roger out and buy him a cup of coffee just to listen to his heart and his story, then this is a must for you in 2012. Here's the blog:
Before I tell you about the mission of The Care Communities (TCC), I would like to ask you a question and before you read on through this blog, think about your answer. Take your time to reflect on this question: "Do you have a Care Team?" Now take a few seconds to think about this.........Now you can read on. I don’t know who is reading this right now but I am going to make an assumption about the question. I am going to assume that you have a Care Team. You probably don’t call it that but you have family, friends, some members of Austin New Church/Restore Communities, neighbor’s, coworkers, etc. You have some people who are there for you in good times and bad times. You can count of them to be there for you. Now the reality is that there are many in our greater Austin community who do not have people there for them. And many are living with HIV/AIDS or cancer. The mission and vision of The Care Communities is that no one should face a serious illness alone. Our staff and volunteers demonstrate unconditional care through social services support, daily tasks and genuine companionship for people with cancer or HIV/AIDS. The Care Team consists of three to six volunteers (or an entire restore group), who after going through training, are matched with a Care Partner (client) and provide practical and emotional support. Here are a couple stories:
Doug states his care team has helped him stay alive and stay in his home.  He has no idea how he would have made it without their constant caring.    The care team members state that they are getting more out of the relationship with Doug than they could possible give to him. Helping Doug is especially rewarding since he was the first nurse at the AIDS hospice in Austin during his healthier years.  The Care Team has given Doug new friends and replaced lost hope in their time together.

Regina was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2002.  The cancer had since metastasized throughout her body.  She holds a part time job and took computer classes—all while loving and raising five children under the age of 10! Despite having painful days as a result of her cancer and seemingly never enough money for the family, Regina had a great outlook and loved to sing. Her outlook and song were inspired, in part, by a Care Communities care team assembled from St. James Episcopal in Austin. The work of the Care Communities’ care team ensured that the children were tutored and pampered even when Regina had rough days. The care team's support made the world a better place for Regina and her children.  Regina referred to her care team as “her angels."
These are just a couple of the people we care for. Our need for more volunteers and more Care Teams is urgent. We have about 30 people on our wait list. We would love to match some of those waiting with a Care Team, with a Restore Group. If you or your Restore Group or someone you know has four hours a month to give and would like to form a Care Team or get more details about how it works, contact me by clicking HERE or call me at 512-459-5883. Please also check out our website

Peace & good, Roger Temme, Outreach Director, The Care Communities
Thank you Roger for this blog, but we want to add one thing. Many people don't know about our first ever Care Team through the Care Communities, so if you scroll down, here's a short video:

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