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Posted on August 25th, 2014

Many of you remember the Summit we did back in 2013.  We have decided to forego a 2014 Summit for two reasons:

We needed to separate Free Austin from the Summit - our hope is to make the Summit a national/international event, while Free Austin, is local.

  • We want to do it right, and thought if we were going to put our name on it, we deserved the run way needed to execute what we needed to make this happen with excellence.
  • We need a team around the following.  I have the teams listed in order of urgency.  We need a Design team ASAP, like yesterday.  So, look through the below list and do the following:

Click HERE and fill out this form, after you have read through the below listAs you read through the list, if a person you know comes to mind who may be interested in  volunteering, please send me their info

Design: to see the style we have leaned to in the past, click HERE and HERE and check out this video, HERE.

  • WebpageDesign
  • Branding/Logo
  • Slogan/Messaging
  • Hand outs 
  • T-shirts
  • Marketing - is there a marketing firm that would be willing to take us on, probono or at a reduced cost
Speaker Management:
  • Potential main session speakers that focus on the justice, cross-sector collaboration, slavery.  We need a speaker from the Faith sector, I’d prefer someone from the Jewish or Muslim faith, but I have a couple good possibilities from the Christian faith as well; we need someone from the business realm; Non-profit sector; Education sector; Arts and Entertainment sector…here’s what we need:
  • Names/Cost/Biographies Track down the best pricing for HotelsArrange Drivers for the SpeakersTotal budget would be a break down on honorarium, hotel, flight, food est., etc

Day of Team and Logistics

  • Best place to get materials printedWe need to chase down donations in the form of drinks (non-alchoholic, waters, soda’s, juices, etc…) - any company who donates gets their name and logo as a sponsor for the conference
  • Set up & Tear Down
  • We will be having sort of a “fair Trade market”, where businesses can showcase their products in a booth - we need to find about 8-10 of these businesses
  • Green Room set-up and stocking
  • Volunteer Management:

Remember, now that you have read through the list, click HERE to sign up for a volunteer team.

Here is our time Goal

  • September 22nd - have all Design ready to be launched - we do NOT need a full page ready to go, just a front page
  • October 15th - Webdesign with content ready to go
  • November 15th - we need speakers secured
  • December 15th - have all the workshops laid out
  • January 15th - Launch registration

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