preventing slavery

We have a very disturbing reality facing us today. Even though the 13th Amendment became a reality in 1865, we still have over 27 million slaves on earth today. The truth is from your city to my city, from Ukraine to Thailand, Mexico and beyond, young girls raised in poverty are deceived by promises of jobs to leave their families and then captured, raped and forced into prostitution. Men and boys are sold into the fields of India, Russia, and in our own backyard like Idaho, Texas and others in what is called, debt bondage.

The truth is, there are more slaves today then at any other time in history! It is not enough to just know about this injustice, we must respond to it. We believe that we can best fight human trafficking through a collaboration of non-profits, faith communities, for-profits and individuals pledging to restore justice to those living in the chains of slavery.

With an injustice so dark, and a reality so vast, fighting human trafficking is often times overwhelming and scary. However, we agree with Edmund Burke, “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” So, we are committing to fight trafficking in the following four arenas: