What is Restore Haiti: Restore Haiti is a development work forcused on preventing human trafficking in Haiti. After the devastating earthquate in Haiti, Restore Communities collaborated with HELP End Local Poverty by making a commitment to serve those most vulnerable to human trafficking through development and prevention. According to the Trafficking in Persons Report, homes are one of the, if not the most necessary base need in preventing human trafficking, so we are going to do just that - build homes.

We have launched a focused initiative to preventive trafficking on the Haiti/Dominican Republic border. We will build a cluster of homes at $6,000 per-home that will be dedicated to the most vulnerable orphans. These kids are the main target of traffickers. They are alone, abandoned and desperate. So, what are our goals in building these homes:

  • We will create jobs as Haitians lead this project and build the homes
  • We will train widows to be "house-moms" for 3-4 aged out orphan teenagers
  • We are going to allow the proved and trusted local churches to oversee the projects
  • We will have each child multi-sponsored, which will provide their basic daily needs, formal education, up-keep on the homes and assistance for their house-mothers.
  • We will help train the local community to love, care, and mentor these kids. Haitians will be caring for Haitian orphans on a daily basis
If you would like to know more about how to be more involved with our preventative-safe home initiative or have any other questions, please fill out the below information:

Two ways to get involved now

GIVE: If you would like to give toward the building of one of these homes, please click on the button below:
Garage Sale: Take the stuff you no longer need, sale it in a garage sale, and give the proceeds to building one of these home, to know more, click HERE
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Preventative Safe Homes