restore justice

Today, 'justice' is a buzz word that has become very hip to use, and while we seem to tag all of our good deeds with it, we must realize that justice is not merely a concept, but a way of committed living that costs. To simply talk about justice is not enough, we must also 'do justice'. We agree with Dr. Tim Keller, that the best way to "do justice" is live in a way that generates a strong community where human beings can flourish. Specifically, to "do justice" means to go to cultures, countries, communities, or neighborhoods where the fabric of wholeness has been torn, and relentlessly work to repair it. In other words, to be a person or community committed to restorative justice is to sacrificially give of your self and resources to those in need, to the point that we disadvantage ourselves for those living under the bonds of injustice.

For Restore Communities we seek to "do justice" by restoring the orphan, preventing slavery and ending cycles of poverty: