restore the orphan

Restore Communities believes the best way to work for a lasting change for the orphan and abandoned in our city and around the world is to partner with local and global non-profit organizations who have gone before us, have the experience, and are professionally trained in working with the poor and oppressed for a life of hope, love, renewal and a forever family. There are three different levels of involvement in helping the orphan and abandoned:

  • Exposure: Expose yourself to the orphan crisis by educating yourself through recommended resources, local conferences, foster care camps, and staying informed about opportunities made available to you to help advocate for the fatherless. Please listen to the following message by John Piper on adoption: Predestined for Adoption
  • Experience: We are creating opportunities through our partners to be part of the remedy through monthly projects, monthly sponsorship of orphans, respite care, and much needed weekly mentoring.
  • Engage: We have several partners that can help you fulfill your dream of becoming an adoptive or foster parent. We truly believe there is no better example that we can set of our own adoption into the family of God, than by adopting those who have been abandoned and left without love.

Often times the orphan and abandoned crisis seems almost too big to be involved in. Often times the problem seems way to big to impact. That’s simply not true, and while it is large and impacts children and families on a global level, we want help you get involved here and now: